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Taking your Practical DrivingTest is known to test your nerves!
Don’t worry your Instructor will be with you on the day

What is the Practical Driving Test

The Practical Driving Test is conducted by Uk Government official Examiners who assess persons driving, and their ability to be a safe and responsible driver. The Test incorporates driving on different types of roads and conditions. The test will last for 40 minutes.

What to Expect on The Day of your Driving Test

You will have booked a two-hour Driving slot with your Driving Instructor for the day of the Driving Test. The Instructor will arrive as usual and check that you have all your documents. In the first 30 minutes and providing that you live not too far from the Driving Test Centre the instructor will go over any concerns that you have. You will arrive at the Test Centre at least 15 minutes before your booked time slot and wait in the waiting room with your Driving Instructor.

The Examiner will come out to greet you and ask to see your documents and will then ask you to sign a declaration. The Examiner will then ask if you would like your Driving Instructor to attend your Driving Test. (the decision is yours). You will then be asked to lead your way to the vehicle and the Driving Test will begin. Your Instructor will wait until your return if not sitting in on the Driving Test.

1 Eyesight check at the beginning of the Test

2. To be asked two show me tell me questions

3. To drive Independently for 10 minutes

4. To carry out manoeuvres 

  • drive into and reverse out of a parking bay(currently taught)
  • reverse into a parking bay and drive out. (currently taught and tested)
  • carry out a parallel park against a stationary vehicle (currently taught and tested).
  • to pull up on the right side of the road and reverse 2 car lengths back whilst taking effective observations. You will then be asked to drive off from that right-hand side.

At the end of the test, the examiner will inform you if you have passed or failed the driving test. The examiner will produce a test report and describe any errors you made and if applicable, why you failed your test.

If you have passed, you will receive a test pass certificate that will entitle you to drive immediately. However, your instructor will usually drive you back home afterward.

Find out more about the Show Me Tell Me part of the Driving Test, click here

How to book your Practical Driving Test 

 Just like your theory test, you can book your practical driving test online via GOV.UK/book-practical-driving-test.

To book a practical test, you’ll need:
  • your theory test pass date and certificate number
  • credit or debit card details to pay for the test
  • your driving instructor’s personal reference number – to make sure they are available.

How much does the Practical Test cost

The Driving test cost is £62 payable by credit/debit card

When can I take the Practical Driving Test

You should only take a Driving Test when your Driving Instructor tells you that you are ready, however, it is common for a pupil to have a misconception about their driving ability and will often disagree. At Laugh ‘n Pass we offer a mock test for you to take with another driving instructor to give you a second opinion.

Driving instructors are perfectly within their right to refuse to take you for a driving test. So if you book one without consent then where your instructor refuses this will put you in a dilemma of having to find another instructor who will and this may cost you more and the decision may also be the same.

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