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Driver Training Short Courses

Whats your Driving Style?

We offer a variaty of short courses sutied to full licence holders. Courses vary from 2 hours to a full day. Each course wis taylored to you and we gaurantee that you will learn something new!

Refresher Training

Refresher training is an aspect of retraining taken by a person who holds a full driving license. It consists of driving sessions with the intention of developing confidence on the road and updating skills and/or knowledge. It provides the opportunity to ensure that no important skills or knowledge have been lost due to lack of use. The number of driving sessions you will require is determined on your first session where your needs are assessed by our driver trainer. Sessions could be as little as one 2 hour sessions

Driver Awareness Course

A full day and starts with a presentation followed by on-road training. The focus is on improving your overall driving with the focus on how to deal with developing hazards so that you can react to them in good time, therefore avoiding any collisions.

UK familiarization

A full-day course that familiarizes those drivers with UK roads. Adjusting to the road signs and driving on the left side of the road in a right-hand drive.

Maneuverer Practice

Two-hour driving sessions mastering maneuvers such as parallel parking between two cars or reversing round corners

Motorway Driving

half-day course – Learn new techniques to be used when driving on the motorway, and understand the importance of maintaining a space cushion.

ECO Driving (Fuel efficiency) course

Half-day course – Do you find that you use a lot of fuel when driving? let us show you techniques that will save you money by adapting your driver style your fuel bills and maintenance bills will be reduced.

Speed Awareness course

Full day course covering all aspects of speed limits, The consequences, where to find them. This course is ideal for those that have points on their license and it is a well-structured course adapted to each individual

DIAmond advance and the DIAmond special test training and certification.

DIAmond advance Testing

We coach for both the DIAmond advance and the DIAmond special test all trainers have gained the qualifications themselves. A one-hour exam will be sat at the end of this. The diamond test will require you to accumulate no more than 6 minor faults. There is also the diamond special test whereby you will be required to accumulate no more than 2 faults. With the coaching you will receive both will be obtainable. Both exams will require you to drive for one hour to demonstrate a high standard of car control.

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