Full Driving License Training

Driving is a taught skill and everyone
should engage in some form of further training, we gaurantee you will learn something new!

After attaining your full driving licence, you should always consider returning to take some further training it could save you money and your life.

Every Driver has their own ‘Driving Style’

A driving style generally refers to the way a driver prefers to or habitually drives the car (Motonori et al., 2007; Martinussen et al., 2014). It is based on a compilation of cognitive, emotional, sensory and motor factors occurring over space and time (Lin et al., 2006a; Yang et al., 2018).

Reasons to Invest in Further Driver Training

The most important advantages of investing in Advanced Driver Training are: It makes motorists better, safer, and more competent drivers. Drivers will be more confident as their driving will be safer and more systematic. The results will be evident in reducing your motoring costs with less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Drivers can if they choose go on to take additional advance driving tests such as DIAmond or ROSPA we can help.


We really do surprise drivers, who claim they can’t learn anything new from us

Trust us when we say ‘there is always something that could be improved’

Did you know that In order to become a Driving Instructor one of the test elements is that they have to undergo an advanced driving test and in order to do this they too had to invest in training!

It’s good to know that most of our trainers have invested beyond this level n their continuous professional development.

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