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During Driving Lessons, we aim to educate each student with the knowledge and skills they need
to be a safe, responsible driver. Read about what we offer our customers


A Popular Choice for Driving Lessons


Laugh ‘n’ Pass Driving School was established over 20 years ago as the founder saw a niche in the market for female Driving Instructors – Overwhelmed by the demand more female driving Instructors were trained and they became part of our family.

Over the years instructors have come as gone but we still remain a popular choice for driving lessons in the West Yorkshire Area.

Instructors with years of experience Take support to the next level.

driving school- 1st drive forward
Learn to Drive with 1st Drive Forward

1st Drive Forward was established to run alongside LNP, as not everyone wanted to be taught by a female Driving Instructor. The 1st Drive Forward team consists of a team of experienced Instructors. As times have changed significantly when instructors join our team it is because they are looking for new customers and business support.

If you take driving lessons with us there is a possibility that the driving instructor is working with us purely to support them with new pupils and as ALL driving instructors are self-employed (i.e. they have their own business name) The ROOF SIGN may not be that of 1st Drive Forward.

We can assure all students that all driving instructors have been vetted before they register with the school.

ADI driving instructor badge

Overwhelmed by the demand for driving lessons, she saw a niche in the market and started branding, training, and recruiting more and more driving instructors to join the team.

All driving instructors are fully qualified, a green ADI badge in the window proves this, Our driving instructors have been in the industry for well over 15 years. Their years of experience speak in terms of the quality of tuition they give to students.

All driving instructors are self-employed. They each have an obligation to not only respect the way in which LNP expects the business to be conducted but also to abide by the DVSA code of practice in terms of how they should conduct business and take care of their customers.

LNP was one of the first all-female instructors driving schools in the UK. With its quirky name and down-to-earth instructors, it soon became a recognized school in Yorkshire and wider areas.

Disclaimer: Under the circumstance refer to our Terms and Conditions.


To educate each student with the knowledge and skills they need to be a safe, responsible driver.

To educate each student with the knowledge and skills they need to be a safe, responsible driver.

To provide a learning environment that caters to each student’s unique learning style. Recognize and comprehend the strengths and limitations of each student


To inspires all learners to become responsible drivers and to build and maintain meaningful relationships with students and parents by being transparent and acting with honesty.


To commit to maintaining a tradition of providing quality driving lessons. In an ever-changing world,

To provide relevant, high-quality driving tuition and prepare diverse students for future endeavors in a safe and supportive environment.

To value accomplishment and encourage pride in ourselves, our school, and our community.

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