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Key things To Consider Before Starting Driving Lessons

Laugh ‘n’ Pass offer Driving Lessons
will make you feel relaxed and eager to get behind the wheel


All Driving Instructors are DBS checked

The DBS (formerly known as CRB) is a criminal police check that all Driving Instructors must undergo to be classed as registered. Instructors must also take periodic assessments to guarantee that their standard of teaching is high. We pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition we deliver.

How soon do I want to pass my Driving Test

Embarking on a fast pass / intensive course is not always necessary,
as you can see below if you take a 2-hour Driving Lesson ever week
you should be Test ready in 6 months! (this is for a complete beginner)


1- 2 hours per week
will take around 6 to 12 months


A complete beginner
generally needs 30 – 40 hours

What Sort of Driving Instructor are you looking for?

Not everyone wants to learn in a manual car or with a male instructor. Where possible, Laugh ‘n’ Pass offers you the choices.
If you’d like to discuss your training requirements, contact us and speak to one of our team.

Key things to consider before starting driving lessons

Do I want to learn in Manual or Automatic car

Learning to drive can be stressful, and often people want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Whether your car is manual or automatic, each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Manual cars usually feel more responsive and you’ll have more control over the car in conditions like snow and ice. 

Manuals are also generally less expensive to buy as they don’t use as much complicated tech compared to an automatic car. The expense of automatic cars can also be mirrored in the cost of repairs and servicing though, for the same reasons.What you see as a benefit will largely depend on the type of driving you do.

One deciding factor is that if you pass your test in a manual, you can also drive an automatic. But if you pass your test in an automatic, you’ll only be able to drive an automatic. If you decide you want to drive a manual, later on, you’ll have to re-sit your driving test in a manual car. Also, getting hold of an automatic car for example if you need to hire a car can be more difficult Automatics aren’t always readily available. ,

At the end of the day the choice is yours, however, you should know that it is not necessarily quicker to pass in an automatic and this is because the same skills have to be taught. The most difficult skill that the driver has to master are taught skills of awareness and perception – the ability to see and understand what is going on and make informed decisions based on that. Using the gears is only a small element. Our instructors have techniques that make learning gears a very simple exercise. .We always recommend trying manual before opting for automatic.

Do I want a Male or Female Driving Instructor?

Many learner drivers feel more comfortable learning with a female instructor, especially other females, we also have male pupils who prefer female driving instructors. Why? Some are for religious reasons whilst, some have had a bad experience with a male instructor whilst others say because they believe a woman will be more patient. Its worth knowing that many male driving instructors possess the same traits and they are not specific to only female driving instructors!

Male instructors are just as popular, we find that some will not go with a female. They feel that male Driving instructors get straight to the point when teaching, therefore, they think they will learn more and pass their driving test quicker. This again is not a trait only male driving instructors have female driving instructors have this too. 

Other reason for choosing a male or female driving instructor

Cultural and religious reasons also play a part when choosing a male or female driving instructor. In some religions and cultures, females can’t be alone with a male and this applies to males too, they have to choose a male driving instructor. Some women for personal reasons may feel uncomfortable around men, or in particular, in close proximity to men – which of course you will be when learning to drive, for this reason, you will feel more comfortable and it would be better choice.

When do I want to take and pass my Driving Test?

Knowing this will help you determine how many hours a week you need to take in order to meet your target. It is good to know that if you do 2 hours a week you could be ready to take your driving test in 6 months. Obviously, 2hours a week which most students take will have you ready in 3 months.

Can I afford to take Driving Lessons?

Taking driving lessons is expensive and that is because driving is considered a luxury rather than a necessity. So before starting it is best to have budgeted into your monthly expenses or have some money set aside. Lesson prices vary and the UK average is £27 per hour. Depending on the area you live the Instructors tend to charge around the same and can be up to £50 per hour for a good instructor. Inflation and fuel prices are the reason prices are on the rise, but then again consider how much you would pay an hour for other services such as an electrician or a plumber who have fewer overheads when visiting your home! Surprisingly though back in 2000 prices were £20 per hour, so they haven’t increased that much!

Savings can be made by asking the instructor if you can pay for a block of 10 lessons upfront

Note it is not a good idea to start Driving Lessons and then stop halfway through as when you resume you will have to go back and review all the previously learned skills and this will end u costing you more. So before you start make sure you can afford to see it through to the end!

When am I available to take Driving Lessons?

Driving instructors look to find you a regular appointment in their scheduling. it is, therefore, a good idea to consider a time and day that can be done on a regular basis. If for any reason you cannot then take a lesson an appointment generally has to be taken in a slot of a cancellation.

Can I afford to buy a car an

Many students are so excited to start learning to drive without any thought about how much it will cost them once they pass! UK car owners spend over £3,000 to run their cars each year. Besides the purchase price, the biggest expenses of car ownership are petrol or diesel (£1,435 a year estimated now due to rising petrol and diesel prices), motor insurance £2000 a year for new drivers, and repairs and servicing around £2500 a year. So make sure that you are in a position to continue driving after passing your driving test as this is the most important period where learning begins and you develop your own driver’s style.

Many passed pupils are returning for refresher, parking, and motorway lessons simply because they could not afford a car once they passed and have not driven in several months.

How do you choose the instructor for me?

Firstly, we need to know all about your preferences. We then speak with the instructors in your area to see if they have a vacant slot in their diary to fit in with your availability. They will only offer a slot if it opens at the same time every week so that they fully can commit to seeing you through to passing your Driving Test. There should be some flexibility if for some reason you cannot do the lesson in your slot, however, this will depend on the other pupils in their diary and their flexibility. The Driving Instructor will aim to be as flexible as they can and all arrangements are made directly with the instructor .

What happens after I have booked the first Lesson?

Once you have booked the first lesson with our office, you should receive a call from the Driving Instructor who has been allocated to conducting your Driving Lessons He/She will introduce themselves to you., and confirm the booking. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you have.

The Driving Instructor will then arrive at your pick u point (generally your home ) to conduct the Driving Lesson. Please remember that all Driving Instructors are self-employed and some use their own business name . Therefore the roof sign may not be Laugh ‘n’ Pass or 1st Drive Forward. read more about the instructors

What if I need to cancel a Driving Lesson?

When you undertake Driving Lessons then you should be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the said Driving Instructors business. On your first Driving Lesson ask to see their terms as you are entering into a contract with them personally and not Laugh ‘n’ Pass. We do however have written Terms and conditions that you can refer to.

When you need to cancel a Driving Lesson you should give at least 48 hours’ notice to avoid charges. Late cancellations are generally the full cost of the lessons that was missed so can be costly. Driving Instructors aim to be flexible but i stands to reason that if you give enough notice the instructors can offer the slot to another pupil and is therefore not out of pocket.

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