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Passed first time with laughnpass. I would recommend laughnpass to friends and family. Incredibly well trained and experienced staff that truly care about your driving.

Jo – Female driving instructors.

I’m so grateful to Jo at laugh n pass for getting me through my driving lessons and test. The support offered was brilliant and by far more superior to other schools I’ve been to in previous years. The WhatsApp group chat full of test information was very helpful and the actual driving itself was taught in a way to adapt to your personal anxieties, needs and capabilities. Would recommend to anybody!!  PASSED 1ST TIME DEC

Excellent driving school

Great driving school if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t off passed my driving test 1st time thanks for everything PASSED 1ST TIME DEC

An intense experience

Thank you Jo for all your help throughout my intensive driving experience…..you found me a good humble driver..who always put a smile on my face and made me feel at ease..I could never have asked for anyone else he was the best….Thank you for being there for me for your prompt responses and you were always ready to help. I wish you all the success at Laugh n’ Pass.. PASSED OCT


Fantastic instructor

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor,I had Jo and she was brilliant with me kept me going when I doubted myself! Can’t recommend her or the School enough


Laugh & Pass have been fantastic for helping me pass my driving test 1st Time, I had Joanne and she is amazing, she makes you feel at ease from day one,she has the patience of a saint. If it wasn’t for her i wouldnt have past. She likes perfection and trust me she’ll get you there. Thankyou Joanne for the laughs and obviously learning im so glad ive passed. You are amazing and anyone who is thinking about learning to drive i would highly recommend laugh and pass 5☆ xx

Brilliant Overall instruction

My driving instructor was very patient with my many frequent mistakes but those mistakes soon disappeared in a couple of lessons! I had had many instructors before and never stuck with them until I started with Laugh n Pass. This instructor got me through to passing my test. Help was also given to me with my theory by going through the questions and hazard perception I also passed that first attempt! Brilliant overall would recommend to anyone wanting to get through lessons quickly!

The best

I started driving 5 yrs ago and ended up giving up due to lack off confidence and bad instructors . I started using laugh and pass in January . I loved driving which was strange for me lol. My Instructor gave me so much confidence and made me feel like I can do it. I passed on 24th June 1 St time best feeling ever. If it wasn’t for laugh and pass I would off never had the confidence to do it . Best driving instructors around .

Wonderful driving instructor!

I started learning to drive after putting it off for ages. My Instructor put me at ease and has got me through my test first time! I would 100% recommend them to anyone!

Late learner

I was a late learner and I did not think I would ever have the confidence to learn Circumstances made me have to learn. I looked up laugh and pass after seeing the roof sign, and was very pleased I did. I learnt with Jo the instructor. She is very professional and friendly. She filled me with lot of confidence and knowledge. I would recommend laugh and pass to anyone as it is what it says on the tin. Lots of laughs and fun whilst learning. Thanks Jo you’re a star. A+++
Trudy Robinson Passed March

Excellent service with very friendly instructors

I received the best quality of training I could have asked for. My driving instructor was very friendly and always tried to find the best ways of teaching me maneuvers etc. Including reference points that I had never been taught when previously having lessons with a different company. Thank you for teaching me how to drive safe and well. I will definitely be encouraging more people to use this company for driving lessons. PASSED SEPT

Highly recommend 1st Drive Forward team

I called the driving school wanting a female instructor but they were all booked up. I was offered a male instructor and was a little dubious to say the least, however It was suggested I try one of their male team as they convinced me that they were good and professional. I am glad that I did as I am enjoying my lessons and it is so different from the other instructors I have  had and believe me I have had loads. My instructor is a gentleman,   knowledgeable and has the patience of a saint. My test is now booked and I’m going to pass, fingers crossed. Claire Thomas


I was recommended laugh and pass from a friend and was very nervous when starting as i’d had an accident 5 years ago which has left me with a bad leg but I had to reason to be. my instructor was very understanding over my circumstances and we worked out the best way for me to drive and over come them. I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor firm but fair told you your mistakes and helped you understand them and rectifying them so you understand. I passed on 2 minors in 22 lessons and I will highly recommend laugh and pass  to all my friends x PASSED SEPT

building confidence

I have put off driving for 6 years after a bad experience and lack of confidence I thought I was never meant to be a driver , I called laugh and pass with no intention of taking them on I just wanted my partner to stop nagging me, but I had a conversation with joanne, told her my worries and she knew just what to say to make me think I’d give it another go, I’ve only been taking lessons for 3 months but I actually enjoy lessons now where as before I would panic now I can see that I am gonna drive, i trust my instructor so i trust my driving and that makes me so much more confident.  I’ VE PASSED OCT

You won’t be disappointed!

My instructor is one of the best. I’ve had a few different instructors over my time learning and it has taken me a while to actually find someone who’s teaching methods are as good as hers. You really get what you pay for and she picks up on every mistake and explains it in detail so you know what to rectify . It’s important to feel secure and relaxed on your lessons also and that’s what you get with laugh n pass. I would recommend to anyone , you will not be disappointed.

What a Difference

Having been with other driving schools over the years I couldn’t believe the difference in teaching methods to some of those that I have had before. My instructor explained to me that driving instructors are all graded by the DSA, the higher the grade the better teachers they are {I didnt know  this}. My instructor takes time to explain things and the explanations are clear and straightforward whereas before it all seemed too complicated.  I would recommend this driving school even if you just want advice.

Emily Sanders

Thank you Ive Passed

What a great driving school plenty of support and motivation given to me by my instructor. As I went in for the test I as well prepared. I have autism and the instructor had to adapt the lessons to suit my learning. It was given to me very clearly.

Happy times at Laugh n Pass

When I first phoned Laugh n Pass I asked to go in an automatic but the owner of the driving school discussed my options and gave her opinion on what she felt was best for me. I was advised to drive in an manual and it was the best decision ever. I liked the name Laugh n Pass because it certainly matches the instructors as they have a good sense of humour. My sister and I both went with Laugh n Pass.

My instructor made me feel at ease all the time because when I made a mistake we had a laugh about it, every time I started stressing because I did something wrong she would make me feel like it was ok and that everybody makes mistakes as that’s how they learn. Some of the things that that I used to forgot to do like opening the door without looking around me was drilled it into me especially after having a near miss when I forgot to check my mirrors and we still have a laugh about it to this day.

I passed my test first time. I felt at ease and ready on my test day because my instructor had let me learn at my own pace and had made me feel calm and relaxed. I passed my test in Pontefract on February.

I would highly recommend Laugh n Pass as they have a laugh with you and also they let you learn at your own pace and they make you feel very comfortable. I also felt like they have all the patience in the world. I still keep In touch with my driving instructor.

Just got to love Laugh n Pass.

I phoned Laugh n Pass up explaining I want to go with them because I wasn’t enjoying the company I was found Laugh n Pass was very helpful. I was placed with an instructor I really enjoyed all my time driving. The company is really nice and helpful. My instructor is lovely and I had a laugh every time I took a lesson.  If I made a mistake my instructor made me feel at ease. We would have a laugh about it then put it aside and we would move on and work on it some more. I failed my test first time sadly and my instructor was their with me keeping me calm. We worked on my weak bits and I got straight back in for my test. Yipee I passed it the second time at my on pace in Pontefract August. I could not have done this without my instructor. Even now after passing I still keep in touch with my instructor and I can’t thank her enough. I really would recommend Laugh and Pass. The company name fits with the instructors because they do have a laugh with you they have got patience .

Passed my Test 1st Time

Yipee !!! Ive done it !!! thank you so much could not have got through it without you guys, you were so patient, you were not only a teacher but also a listening ear for all my troubles lol, will defo recommend you

Tracy (Bradford)

Great Driving Lessons

I am currently taking driving lessons with LNP and I would recommend them to any new learner. My  instructor goes through things at my pace and I feel comfortable asking silly questions.

Sophie (Leeds)