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Terms with associated Driving Instructors

Driving School – Terms  – Lessons with independent associated Driving instructors.

Please be aware that the vast majority of UK driving instructors are self employed  – we work and act as a management and agency for the instructor; We will only act as a go between in the arranging of your initial driving lessons. All payments, lessons, bookings and refunds ultimately are to be dealt with between you and the instructor directly. These Instructors do not work under our driving school terms and conditions. Check with them their cancellation policy and terms.

All instructors that we work in association with us are highly graded, experienced and fully qualified in their career. They as we do abide by the DSA code of practice.

Each instructor is responsible to ensure that their vehicle is safe and roadworthy and fully insured for all lessons, courses and the driving test itself; plus all vehicles are fitted with dual controls.


We will liaise with the instructor to book your initial driving lesson or fast pass course. where advance payment is requested this will be made direct to the driving Instructor. You will receive confirmation via text or email (fast pass) from Our Driving School. You should attend the lesson as arranged.


Should you wish to cancel that 1st lesson contact Laugh n Pass on 07810877299.



If you choose to cancel the whole course 1 WEEKS NOTICE needs to be given before any consideration of refunds.

£100 of any monies paid is held as “the deposit” and is non returnable. The remainder of any other moneys paid will be refunded at the discretion of the driving instructor based on the notice of time given for cancellation and any circumstances relating to the booking.


If you unfortunately miss any dates or times that are booked and have been paid for these are non refundable and must be taken as your loss.

If you cancel one of the course dates already booked without sufficient notice within a 24 hour period the pre booked time is forfeited and any additional time booked must be paid for at the hourly rate.

Any pre paid lessons or courses are not transferable to any other party

By securing a date for a fast pass course the driving Instructor is dependent upon the commencement and completion of the booking and we have to protect the income and livelihood of the instructor as well as provide for you your course. 

All instructors, as protected by DVSA reserve the right to terminate a driving lesson or refuse a driving test if the driver (you) is unfit to drive through drink or drugs, is abusive or is deemed as not safe on the road

The Driving Instructor on the 1st day of your course will assess your ability based on the information and chosen course. The driving instructor can advise you at any point to defer the test or take additional lessons to get you to safe standard. The driving Instructor also as stated above can refuse the use of their car.

(Driving instructors have to organise their diaries in advance to take on these courses and as you can appreciate if someone cancels the instructor could loose a whole week or more in pay)



In the unlikely event of a problem or complaint the first person to work and discuss this with is directly with your instructor (as once you book the ‘contract’ is between you and the instructor); if you cannot resolve an issue then contact us and we may be able to offer assistance; finally, the DVSA would be your final contact for any complaint and they will be able to help or advise you bestAny issues should be taken up directly with that instructor and although Laugh n Pass cannot be held liable we will endeavour to assist you resolve any issues.

Laugh n Pass take their relationship with associated driving Instructors very serious and If you feel that a Driving Instructor is damaging the reputation of Laugh n Pass as being an ‘associated Driving School then please advise us on 07810877299.