Terms & conditions

Learner Driver Booking Service cannot be held liable for any matters relating to the Driving Lessons once they commence.

All the Driving Instructors that take Learner pupils through the driving school are SELF EMPLOYED, all work independently and are not governed by the driving school. We act solely as a Booking Service, however the Booking service at the request of the driving instructor may take the initial payment. For fast pass or intense courses the driving school  may also be asked to also collect the deposit and full payment.

Driving School – Terms for Driving Lessons

A valid driving license must be produced on the first lesson, any endorsements must be declared

Pupils must attend in a fit and proper state for lessons and should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Passengers are not permitted on lessons

Any change of pick up / drop off must be given 24hours before the lesson.

Cancellations of driving lesson

  1. Once a first driving lesson is booked it is seen that the learner commits and agrees to these terms and conditions
  2. Cancellation of a driving lesson must be made 48 hours in advance of the lesson due to take place.
  3. The cancellation fee charge is the cost of the driving lesson missed and is payable with no exceptions.
  4. Emergency cancellations are at the discretion of the driving school and generally a fee is still payable when short notice is given.

If you wish to cancel a driving lesson you must let the driving instructor know 48 HOURS BEFORE YOUR LESSON else the full lesson cost will be chargeable. Should an instructor cancel a lesson, that lesson will be made up at the instructors earliest convenience.

If you wish to cancel a driving lesson please contact the driving instructor directly.


The booking service / driving school may collect the payment for the 1st 2 hours £45.00. If you the pupil wish to cancel this initial lesson 48 hours notice is required to the driving instructor. NOT the school.  The booking service will however then refund the learner for the lesson if the payment is held by the school.

If the cancellation is within the 48 hour period or the learner does not attend for the scheduled lesson NO refund will be given.

In the event that an instructor does not attend or cancels the lesson at short notice then the learner should email us and the booking service will liaise to resolve the issue and where possible the instructor will be expected to give the learner a free hour for the inconvenience.

All further payments for driving lessons and refunds ultimately are to be dealt with between you and the instructor directly.  Please check general terms and also speak to the driving instructor about their personal terms and their cancellation policy.

Each instructor is responsible to ensure that their vehicle is safe and roadworthy and fully insured for all lessons, courses and the driving test itself; plus all vehicles are fitted with dual controls.

The Driving Instructor will aim to be sympathetic to emergency events and will always wherever possible try to fit you in either on a different day through the same week OR a double lessons the following week to make it up.

An instructor will wait outside the pick up point for 15 minutes before leaving should the pupil not show. This lesson then becomes chargeable at full lesson rate.

Fast pass & Intense courses

The booking service or the driving school may take the initial deposit at the request of the driving instructor and then the balance may be requested  2 week prior or to be paid at the start of the 1st day of the course. A deposit is a commitment to the course and as such the driving instructor will secure the course dates.  If you wish to cancel 2 weeks notice is required any moneys paid over the deposit up to this point would be returned however the deposit may not be refunded (release of any deposit is at the discretion of the instructor.

If the cancellation is within the 2 weeks  period or the learner does not attend for the scheduled lesson NO refund will be given.

Missing course dates

Once the deposit has been paid a contract has been negotiated between parties, The learner is expected to not cancel the course or any dates booked for the course as as it will be difficult for the driving instructor to fit you into their diary to make the hours up and as you may have a test date booked the learners progress will be affected.

If you unfortunately miss / cancel any dates or times that are booked and have been paid for these are non refundable and must be taken as your loss. The learner may also be asked to move the test date and rearrange the course dates

Driving Test

Test day fee may be a fixed charge (discuss with your instructor)

If a pupil books a test without the consent of the driving instructor that instructor can refuse the use of the car

Before a test the pupil must have taken no less than 6 consecutive lessons.

Pupils will be required to pay for damages when out on test such as knocks to the wing mirror or tyre damage. (Incident damage is covered via the insurance policy)

It is the pupils responsibility to check with the driving instructor prior to the test that all bulbs are working and tyres are adequate.

It is the pupils responsibility to take to the test their driving license.

In the event that the driving test on the day should not go ahead for a mechanical reason, the driving instructor will pay for another test date for the pupil. One hour payment for the lesson prior to test will be required only.

the driving instructor cannot be held financially responsible where due to unforseen circumstances such as adverse weather or heavy traffic an appointment to the test centre is not made on time.

Learners must not book a test without consent of their Driving Instructor and Learners must also carry out a minimum of 6 consecutive lessons prior to a test. Where this is not the case the instructor has the right to withdraw the use of the vehicle on the day.

Any learner that comes to the school from another must take a minimum of 10 hours.

General Terms

Any pre paid lessons or courses are not transferable to any other party

By securing a date for driving lessons and courses the pupil and the driving Instructor have entered into a legal binding arrangement and should not be broken by either parties.

All instructors, as protected by DVSA reserve the right to terminate a driving lesson or refuse a driving test if the driver (you) is unfit to drive through drink or drugs, is abusive or is deemed as not safe on the road

The Driving Instructor on the 1st day of your driving lesson / course will assess your ability based on the information. The driving instructor can advise you at any point to defer any test booked or take additional lessons (courses) to get you to safe standard. The driving Instructor can refuse the use of their car.

Please appreciate that driving instructors have to organise their diaries in advance to take on courses and as you can appreciate if someone cancels the instructor could loose a whole week or more in pay.

Your commitment to the course is legally binding once a deposit has been made.

Please check with the associated driving Instructor as they may have there own terms and conditions in place. ALL instructors work and abide by the DVSA code of conduct and are all fully qualified again if you are unhappy please let us know.


In the unlikely event of a problem or complaint the first person to work and discuss this with is directly with your instructor (as once you book the ‘contract’ is between you and the instructor); if you cannot resolve an issue then contact us and we may be able to offer assistance; finally, the DVSA would be your final contact for any complaint and they will be able to help or advise you best Any issues should be taken up directly with that instructor and although Laugh n Pass cannot be held liable we will endeavour to assist you resolve any issues.

Laugh n Pass take their relationship with driving Instructors very serious and If you feel that a Driving Instructor is damaging the reputation of Laugh n Pass Driving School then please advise us on 07810877299.

The driving school would appreciate that should a learner driver not be happy with the driving instructor that they have been allocated or should a learner driver have any form of  complaint or grievances then please contact the office on 07810877299