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Changes to the practical driving test 4th December 2017               

1 NOW two Show me tell me questions at test centre before drive.  NEW one of these questions will be asked on the move, such as show me how you clean your windscreen.

2. NOW  Independent Driving lasts for 10 mins with the examiner asking you to follow signs for … NEW  a 20 min drive with you following a sat nav set by the examiner. They will watch how you implement the mspsl routine and drive the route.

**Be aware 1 in 5 may still get directions instead of the sat nav**

3. NOW One of the following is tested : The turn in the road, reverse corner, reverse park into parking  bay, or parallel park.

NEW You will be asked to do one of the following

a) drive into and reverse out of a parking bay(currently taught)

b) reverse into a parking bay and drive out. (currently taught and tested)

b) carry out a parallel park against a stationary vehicle (currently taught  and tested).

c) NEW You will be asked to pull up on the right side of the road and reverse 2 car lengths back whilst taking effective observations. You will then be asked to drive off from that right hand side.

Please note I personally will still be teaching all manuevres regardless, as I want to make sure learners have all the skills they need for future driving.

Changes to the driving test