Getting your car Insurance

Driving policy Insurances can be very costly

     It is essential that you shop around. 

Having recently looked at an insurance policy for my son I share my findings for learners



  • take out a policy as a provisional driver in your name for 12 months
  • take out a policy as a provisional driver in your name for 1 – 6 months
  • wait till you pass then shop around to get a policy in your name
  • ask a parent to add you to their policy with temporary cover whilst learning


Whilst recently looking for cover for my own son I found that premiums ranged from £800 to £6000 per year, some of the lower premiums were appealing but I found that there would financial loss if it was cancelled early through passing the driving test.

I carried out several online quotations. First I did one for for a provisional driver then I also did the same quotation but changed his details to show he help a full license to see the difference in price. I found that the enticing lower premiums went up considerably upon passing and could rise to £4000 +.

Some insurers stated that if you took out a policy as a provisional driver for your own vehicle they would freeze the premium at the same rate once the test has been passed. Best Price found £2500, although appears expensive it would actually save me money over the period.

Learners are also advised to having a black box fitted that keeps premiums low, basically this box is fitted and it monitors your driving however it can have disadvantages to those who intend to do a lot of miles in this period or do not want restrictions on the times of driving.

I found in the end that the best option for my son as a learner driver who has his own vehicle was to take out a 6 month policy with the option of extending this monthly thereafter or cancelling earlier if he passes without loosing out financially.

I found a company that cost £410 for the 6 month period. Once passed I shall then look to take out a policy with the black box fitted so I can monitor his driving rather than the insurance company. I know he won’t like that idea !!


Hope this helps if any one else has any helpful tips to share please email laugh n Pass