Driving your own car

Following months of learning to drive in your instructor’s car, you pass your test and your own car sits on the drive. Excitedly you take it out for a spin and for some reason you feel disheartened because things are going wrong for example:

  • The gears are too close together and you keep putting it in the wrong gear
  • you keep stalling and can’t get your bite
  • you are clipping corners as you turn
  • you are moving away from start either too fast or too slow
  • you can’t park or reverse as your observations are completely different

If any of the above start happening you can soon lose your confidence behind the wheel, park it up and go back to catching buses. DON’T let this happen to you give us a call we will take you out in your own vehicle and help you get familiar with it – it may only take a couple of hours to get you on your way!!