Failed a Test

Failed a Driving Test ?

What next ?

So you have failed a driving test … its nothing to be ashamed of.  Its true many good drivers fail 1st time .. take me for example it took me 3 attempts to pass,  and that was at 3 different test centres.

Passing for some can be difficult to achieve and what happens next is important and you need to realise that :

If you failed it was for a reason and your driving Instructor needs time to work on those areas with you.

Many Learners consider the reason they failed was due to ‘a silly mistake on the day’ and this may be the case BUT  whatever you did it was classed as dangerous fault where someone could have been injured.

Learners who fail a test should always

  • Continue with weekly Driving Lessons between tests so your instructor can work on stengthening your skills.
  • Not believe that your driving could not be improved upon-  even Instructors are constantly improving their skills
  • Not suddenly want to change to automatic because it is presumed the easy way round the test
  • Take the advice of a qualified Driving Instructor as they have the right to refuse you the use of the car

Please DO NOT book a test until you have been assessed by a Driving Instructor.

It is unfair of a Learner Driver to ask to ‘borrow’ the car of an instructor who has never seen them drive and who does not know their true potential. It takes more than a couple of lessons for an instructor to trust a Learner Driver who claiims to be at test standard out alone with their car… 

Learner Drivers who have failed a Driving Test generally do not need a Fast Pass Course. We offer an assessment with one of our senior Driving Instructors who can work wonders on sorting out these weak areas and building confidence for the next test.

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