Driving Lessons

Laugh n Pass & 1st Drive Forward.

Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax

1- 2 hours per week will take around  6 to 12 months

A complete beginner generally needs 30 – 40 hours

1st 2 hour will include an assessment.

1st 2 hours Manual

Manual hourly rate

Automatic hourly rate

1st 2 hours £55

from £35 per hour

£45 per hour

*Key things to thinks to consider when starting driving lessons,  or changing instructors

How soon do you want to pass, do you have a date in mind? Did you know, if you do 2 hours a week you could be test ready in 6 months. Fast pass courses are not for everyone. 

What time can you set aside, would you be only available only evenings or weekends or are you more flexible? Did you know that it may be difficult to find a driving instructor for evenings and weekends, this is their busiest time.

 How much can you afford to spend each week? Did you know that in 1998 driving lessons were 20 per hour. Expect to pay between 27 to 30 per hour for a decent driving instructor. beware of the cheap lessons as it will probably take you longer and cost you more as the driving instructor may be less experienced

Will you choose manual or automatic, and what is your reason for your choice? Did you know that automatic is not necessarily going to get you to test standard quicker? the cost of buying automatic can be higher and you cannot drive a manual unless you do another test.  

Do you have a preference for a male or female driving instructor? Did you know that there are fewer female driving instructors than male, and many female driving instructors have family commitments so do not always work evenings and weekends.

Can you afford a car and the insurance once passed? you know, a decent car will cost over 3000 and then there is the insurance which could start as high as 2000 per year. 250 per month.