Driving Instructors wanted

The Driving School has offered Driving Instructors a supportive service for many years and Driving Instructors who work with us tend to remain a part of the team for many years, in fact some Driving Instructors have been with the School for 15 Years

The owner of the Driving School hides no hidden agenda and is always honest and upfront. The goal is to simply place each customer with a professional Driving Instructor who has high standards and will not deface the reputation of this Driving School.


Remedial  –  Instructor Training  –  Sit ins

Instructor Training  – If you are a PDI or ADI then call us we can help. We offer different options available dependent on the area that you work.

what we offer 

  • No contract or tie in
  • pay weekly or buy a pupil (confirmed)
  • no pressure to take pupils (accept or decline)
  • Our roof sign or yours
  • full office support with industry experts
  • Business cards etc
  • No decals 


What we look for : –

  • We are always on the look out for good instructors.
  • We look for Instructors that are down to earth
  • Good work ethics and professionalism is important
  • Driving instructors who set their High standards.

Instructors please call us for a no obligation, no hard sale chat lets meet for a coffee and see if we can help you.  We are a team where we all pull together, each individual brings something to the school.

Instructors work with us year after year and are satisfied with the service that we offer. We all understand that if just one instructor lets the side down then the whole Driving schools reputation could be affected.