Driver Improvement

Could you improve your Driving Skills  ?


Everyone can answer yes to the above, The skills needed for today’s roads are constantly changing. We offer a variety of courses with short presentations and practical on road driving. Our aim is to up the standard of drivers and work on changing attitudes so that our roads are a safer place. Our Trainers will Coach you not dictate how to make improvements to your current style of driving. One last question when did you last read the highway

You should consider a driving improvement course if

  • You do not understand the rules of the roads
  • Unsure where to find
  • You use the brake and accelerator too harshly
  • Find that you are always having to brake and accelerate sharply
  • You follow other cars too closely
  • Not always sure if you are in the correct gear

The Following driver improvement courses are available for the general public and are available upon booking. Call us today on 07810877299 to discuss how you can start.

Driver improvement: courses


Speed awareness course

Full day course covering all aspects of speed limits, The consequences, where to find them. This course is ideal for those that have points on their license and it is a well-structured course adapted to each individual

Fuel efficiency course

Full day course – Do you find that you use a lot of fuel when driving? let us show you techniques that will save you money by adapting your driver style your fuel bills and maintenance bills will be reduced.

Full day course to include a presentation on a variety of topics – speed and fuel efficiency included

UK Familiarization course

Full Day course – Are you new to this Country, Do you need a UK license or transfer your current license or maybe you just do not fully understand our roads whatever the reason we can help you on this course

DIAmond advance testing

DIAmond advance and the DIAmond special test training and certification.

We coach for both the DIAmond advance and the DIAmond special test all trainers have gained the qualifications themselves. A one hour exam will be sat at the end of this. The diamond test will require you to accumulate no more than 6 minor faults. There is also the diamond special test whereby you will be required to accumulate no more than 2 faults. With the coaching you will receive both will be obtainable. Both exams will require you to drive for one hour demonstrating a high standard of car control.