How to deal with a traffic collision

(note they are not accidents as they can all be avoided. it is a drivers fault that their has been a collision)

More and more motorists are staging deliberate collisions so that they can claim money back on car insurance.
basically scammers are crashing for cash, meaning that they will cause you to crash into them so that they can claim against you. Be aware and
anticipate what the traffic around you may do

What do I do if I have an incident? 

Firstly pull over and park if you can in a safe place.

What details should you give or receive after a accident?

Insurance, address, telephone number?

Should the police be called?

A person, other than yourself, is injured.
Damage is caused to another vehicle or someone else’s property.
An animal has been killed or injured, expect in your own vehicle or trailer.

Always !

Try to stay calm.
Look for Witnesses (take their details)
Record Other Driver’s Details
Provide your details to Other Drivers
Take Photographs of the Accident Scene
Take Photographs of damage to vehicles
Sketch the Accident Scene

Your obligations by law

If you do not exchange your details at the scene, you must report the accident at a police station or to a police officer within 24 hours.
Where injury is caused to another person, you must produce your insurance certificate, if anyone at the scene has reasonable grounds to see it.
If you don’t have your insurance details with you, you may take them to a police station when you report the incident within 7 days.

Note:- Reporting the accident to the police by telephone is not sufficient.You are obliged to do these things not only when you are directly involved in an accident, but also if your vehicle’s presence was a factor.

Failure to comply with these obligations can mean two offences are being committed:-

Failing to stop
Failing to report
The penalties for each offence include a maximum fine of £5000 and 5-10 penalty points.
The courts can also disqualify for each offence.

Even if there was no personal injury, if someone holds you responsible for the accident they have the right to request your insurance details

Failure to provide that information without a reasonable excuse is also an offence.